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We made a list the other night of things to do if we have to stay home for a while. The list included a combination of useful items, like clean out the closets and clean under the beds, and fun things, like play all 75 board games in the house and make art. I am realizing already we will need to make a day to day schedule. Guess who will be the one to enforce that!? 🙂

What are your ideas for the next month? Check out our RESOURCES page to find all kinds of good stuff.

We found this GIANT LIST OF IDEAS FOR BEING HOME WITH KIDS on Facebook. It appears to be crowdsourced because there’s a lot of redundancy, but there are many good ideas here to consider.

From the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, courtesy of Dana: Do School at Home: A Guide to Unplugged Learning at Home

Ideas from Jeannette:
– Create a summer 2020 bucket list
– Dust off the board games
– Spa day at home
– Learn ASL with YouTube
– YouTube also has karaoke videos for a home karaoke gig


Here’s a list of live-streamed concerts from NPR

Check out Stay at Home Fest’s calendar of online musical happenings


If you need to attend an AA meeting, here’s how to find and participate in a dial-in meeting

Arts & Culture

CNN’s list of concerts, plays, and museums available virtual exploration


The New York Public Library is offering tons of ebooks for free:

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